PACE is a financing program that allows for privately owned commercial, industrial, and large multi-family properties to obtain low-cost, long-term loans for 100% of the cost of a renewable energy project – solar included. This financing method allows building owners to implement solar technology at their facility when there otherwise might be a lack of access to upfront capital. As of March 2015, Travis County is the first county in Texas to adopt the PACE program.

 THE BENEFITS:2015-07 PACE CalltoAction

  • 100% financing with no up-front, out-of-pocket costs for the property owner
  • Immediate benefit to cash flow
  • Increase property value and marketability
  • Solar installation automatically transfers with sale to new owner as PACE assessments are linked to the property (not owner)
  • Promote local job creation
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promote long-term economic development in Texas by helping the state obtain energy and water security
  • Project is still able to take advantage of local incentives (such as the Austin Energy Performance Based Incentive)