Meridian Solar develops cost-effective solar electric solutions for commercial, government, and non-profit entities that demand lasting performance and long-term returns.


Meridian’s sales staff are experts in the solar industry and are fully equipped to assist you in acquiring your new solar investment. From initial consultation, to financial assistance, through pre-construction, our sales team is here to help you choose the best system for your property.


Meridian’s in-house engineers encompass various disciplines, including civil, structural, and electrical engineering. While designing your system, they emphasize simple, creative solutions and utilize proven technologies to deliver cost-effective projects that are on time and under budget.


Given current federal tax credits, utility incentives, and bonus depreciation, the net cost of a solar system can be reduced by as much as half of the retail price. Meridian has formed a partnership with financing companies across the nation in order to provide a cost-effective solution to our customers. Whether it is through a cash purchase, power purchase agreement (PPA), operating lease, or capital lease, Meridian offers flexible financing solutions tailored to fit your needs.


With quality designs in hand, the Meridian construction team ensures that all installations are built efficiently, on time, within budget, and ultimately perform as promised. Our construction team consists of highly experienced project managers, procurement professionals, construction supervisors, electricians, and a dedicated team of trained solar installers.

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